Center for Postsecondary Innovation

Carnegie has established the Center for Postsecondary Innovation to build knowledge and capacity focused on the role of institutes of higher education to increase social and economic mobility nationwide.

The goals of the Center for Postsecondary Innovation are to

  • Eliminate affordability as an obstacle to postsecondary access, enrollment, and completion
  • Increase the capacity and success of institutions of higher education at advancing the socioeconomic mobility of the students they serve
  • Innovate the postsecondary sector so that it effectively and equitably serves all students
  • Improve the capacity of current institutions and systems to increase enrollment, completion, and post-college outcomes among historically underrepresented students

The Center will support postsecondary leaders, scholars, and partners to build the knowledge and institutional capacity needed to address a fundamental American challenge. We elevate those institutions that are doing well; mine and share effective practices; catalyze others to build networks of institutions that improve together; and identify, amplify, and instantiate new and emergent models of post-secondary education that effectively serve Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, and first-generation students, as well as students experiencing poverty and/or homelessness.