African Leadership University

The African Leadership University (ALU) is a pan-African university system with campuses in Mauritius and Rwanda. Founded by Ghanaian educational entrepreneur, Stanford graduate, and Carnegie Senior Fellow Fred Swaniker, ALU was created as an institution with the vision of educating and developing 3 million future African leaders by 2035.

Starting in June 2022, Carnegie will partner with ALU to establish a hub that will bring students from the United States and ALU to work and study in Silicon Valley. This borderless collaboration is designed to foster mutually beneficial innovation. The two organizations will bring together American students from underrepresented communities and students from across the African continent to create a pipeline of exceptional students into wealth-generating and purposeful careers.

Carnegie will also look to ALU’s learning model that seeks excellence and impact at scale, as part of its wider work focused on postsecondary innovation. While a postsecondary degree remains an essential precursor to entering a professional career, it is elusive to many, especially students from for historically marginalized populations.