Baltimore City Public Schools

The Foundation has partnered with Baltimore City Public Schools (City Schools) as part of the district’s efforts to increase the number of African American, Latinx, and low-income students that are on track for high school graduation at the end of 8th and 9th grade. The specific work is focused on creating a networked improvement community of 14 middle and high schools across the district to improve secondary literacy outcomes for the students they serve and who are predominantly of the previously mentioned populations.

City Schools began this work with school teams by focusing on English Language Arts and student engagement per the district’s adopted strategic plan. With the school as the unit of change, school staff will engage in intensive coaching and data review sessions with coaches who are both content and instructional experts. At the network level, the district will facilitate cross-school learning efforts and promote buy-in across leadership structures. The Carnegie team will support City Schools to launch their NIC and use improvement to increase instructional capacity over time.