Marytza Gawlik

Associate, Networked Improvement Science

Marytza Gawlik
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Marytza is an associate for networked improvement science at the Carnegie Foundation. Prior to joining Carnegie, Marytza worked as an assistant professor for Wayne State University and Florida State University in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies department. In addition, she served as a senior research associate at the Learning Systems Institute at Florida State University. As a faculty member, Marytza worked to prepare teachers and teacher leaders for the principalship and superintendent roles. Marytza’s research and expertise spans policy and organizational sociology, focusing primarily on the intersection of research and practice in leadership, accountability and school choice. Most recently, Marytza worked for the Jacobs Institute for Innovation at the University of San Diego, developing and designing a blueprint for administrator standards and dispositions.

Marytza has also served as a Freedom School Teacher in Hunter’s Point, San Francisco through the Children’s Defense Fund and developed an Afro-centric curriculum for second and third graders in literacy and mathematics.

Marytza earned a doctorate in education policy from the University of California at Berkeley, a master’s in economics from the New School for Social Research, and a bachelor’s from University of California at Berkeley in psychology.